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Kidrobot LABBIT BAND CAMP 3000 BLIND BOX 2.5" MINI SERIES - one random blindbox

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by Frank Kozik
Music to your ears! Labbits are headed to band camp in this all-new 2.5” blind box series. From Jazz to metal, this series has something for every music lover. Collect them all to add a touch of music to any collection!

collect all Labbits:
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates Prone Forp (RARE) - ?/??
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates Alien Standing Shnorp - 2/24
  • Shnorp and the Flogrillates Sitting Badorp - 2/24
  • Black Labbith Prone Gamma Stripez - 2/24
  • Black Labbith Standing Rikky Panther - 1/24
  • Black Labbith Sitting Skid Chill - 3/24
  • The Labbi-tones Prone Stumpy Lawler - 1/24
  • The Labbi-tones Standing Snaps Coleman - 2/24
  • The Labbi-tones Sitting Pails Parker - 1/24
  • The Marching Hares Prone Cheeks - 1/24
  • The Marching Hares Standing Major Trouble - 3/24
  • The Marching Hares Sitting Joe Thumps - 2/24
  • The Labbit Chub-harmonic Prone Ingrid Bassoon - 1/48
  • The Labbit Chub-harmonic Classical Standing Crash Parker - 1/24
  • The Labbit Chub-harmonic Classical Sitting Johnny Beethoven - 2/24
  • the offer is valid for one blindbox


The figures are 2,5inch large and they comes in blindboxes. Per Box one figure. You cant determine wich one you get. 
 A Blind Box is a type of packaging that keeps its contents hidden. They are identical in every way and nobody--including us--knows which toy is inside. The package are glued and everyone open a box you can see it. The figures inside are a nontransparent foil. The foil are frozen. 
You can´t determine wich one you get. It´s a surprise. 

Recommend for Age over 15&Up

Warning : Choking Hazard. Small Parts.
Not for Children under  3Years.
Collectible art, no toy