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Kidrobot The Expanse XO Naomi Nagata 5" Figure

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The Expanse

XO Naomi Nagata
5" Figure

A police detective in the asteroid belt, the first officer of an interplanetary ice freighter and an earth-bound United Nations executive slowly discover a vast conspiracy that threatens the Earth’s rebellious colony on the asteroid belt. From the hit SyFy series The Expanse


Altersangabe : 15+

Achtung Warnhinweis : Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 6 Jahren.
Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Erstickungsgefahr.
Sammlerfiguren, kein Spielzeug



 Recommend for Age over 15&Up

Warning : Choking Hazard. Small Parts.

Not for Children under 3 Years.

Collectible art, no toy