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Robolucha Orange/Grey/White from Mekazoo and Patchtogether - special offer

ca. 7-9 days (outside Germany) ca. 7-9 days (outside Germany) (abroad may vary)
2 pieces
9,90 EUR
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special offer: instead of 29,90 Euro

Auf 300 Stück limitiert / limited 300pcs

Robolucha was created by using the DNA of a famous mexican wrestler. he was fighting at the robot wrestling league but one day
he got pissed off as eh couldn`t  find a rival to beat him and got retired. Now he is living in a humble appartment enjoying mechanic nachos
and lubricant Tequila
He doesn`t car whether or not he uses his power and skills for good. Lacking a consistent mood. This Badass Robot might storm out
in a very bad temper. He loves bar fights. Beware the angry Robulucha or get Ready to rumble.

Ein 6inch (ca.  15 Zentimer) große Designerfigur des Künsterl Mekazoo und Patchtogether.

The figure is packaged in a window-front box.  There are outline drawings of the character on each side.  The story of the character is printed on the rear panel, along with drawings of the three different colorways.  Inside, the figure is secured between dual, interlocking plastic trays.Each Robolucha figure stands approximately 6” in height and has 7 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, hands and legs).  The shoulders are ball joints, so they have a wide range of motion